5 Reasons to Subscribe to The Bookworm Box

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Note: I created a short video to go along with this post, but ran into technical difficulties while uploading it.  Rather than delay the post and the giveaway, I plan to update this post as soon as the glitch is resolved.  


Are you familiar with The Bookworm Box?  It is a monthly subscription service created by author Colleen Hoover.  For $39.99 (plus shipping), you receive signed books and other goodies delivered to your door.  There is also a physical bookstore located in Sulphur Springs, Texas, which sells donated and signed books.  

For more information and to subscribe, please check out The Bookworm Box website.

Here are my 5 reasons to subscribe to The Bookworm Box (plus a giveaway!):



1. All proceeds go to charity

The Bookworm Box has donated over $500,000 to organizations around the country since 2015. That’s half a million dollars that these organizations would not have had without The Bookworm Box.  Not only does it feel good to help worthy causes, it can help justify the cost of your subscription each month.


2. The Bookworm Box is run by volunteers

These volunteers work countless hours boxing and shipping subscription boxes and also run The Bookworm Box store.


3. Two signed (typically romance) books, written by both independent and traditional authors

This is really a win-win for everyone.  You get signed books, the author gets exposure to a large group of readers. This opens the door to new readers for an author, which is a big reward for those who are independently published. Plus, the authors can feel good about donating their work and their time to charity.


4. An opportunity to receive books and swag that you may not otherwise be able to get

I’m very lucky and get to attend multiple book signings each year. Others aren’t as lucky, so it gives everyone a chance to have a special copy of a book signed by the author.  The swag and other goodies are an added bonus.


5. The surprise factor 

Everything in the box is a surprise, from the books to the swag and other goodies.  It’s like getting a birthday present on your doorstep every month!



The Bookworm Box graciously provided a box for review and the creation of this post.  I would like to pass that generosity on, by giving it away to one lucky reader!  

This giveaway is open to everyone, including those outside of the United States.




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