Welcome to Night Owl Reader book review blog!

About Me

My name is Bex, and I am addicted to reading. (Hi, Bex.)

I have loved books since I was 8 years old, when I received a copy of Little House on the Prairie for my birthday.  It only took me two days to finish it, and after that, I was hooked!  I couldn’t get them in my hands fast enough.

You’ll often find me staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish a book that can’t be put down.  (Hence the name, Night Owl Reader!)

My Book Must-Haves

I can be pretty persnickety and selective about the books I read.  A sample is always downloaded and read on my Kindle before making a purchase.

I’m a sucker for witty dialogue, quirky characters, off-beat romances, and laugh-your-face-off rom-coms.  Strong writing and character development are a must!

That being said, my go-to reads are contemporary fiction/romance, new adult (NA), and sometimes paranormal (PRN) stories.

What You Can Expect from Night Owl Reader

Book reviews?  Check!

Upcoming releases?  Check!

Authors I love?  Check!

Maybe some giveaways?  That’s coming soon!

(Also, I am still working on producing reviews and polishing the website, so please bear with me!)

Let’s Be Friends

In addition to reading, I love to talk about the characters and stories in the books, buying the books, and hoarding the books.  You do, too?  Then we were meant to be friends!

Here’s where you can find me:

xo, bex