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Sweet Bliss by Helena Rac definitely lives up to its name. The story of Tessa and Luke is a lot like Tessa’s cupcakes–sweet, fun, and light. Add a side of sexy, and you have Sweet Bliss in a nutshell.

Tessa is a smart, independent woman, who is also hard-working and a little quirky. Predictability and list-making are necessary for her Type-A personality. So, after she literally falls for Luke during an adorable chance meeting, Tessa’s life is tilted on its axis. Since “Fall in love” is not an item on her to-do list (like, ever), Tessa is scared to take a chance on Luke.

Tessa makes Luke work hard for a first date (and almost every step after), but once he wins her over, they start a flirty and hot relationship. Between her past experience with a bad long-term relationship and Luke’s lack of one, Tessa is extremely reluctant to let down her guard. She holds tightly to her perceptions of Luke’s character and his player ways, showing her insecurity on several occasions.

If I were to nit-pick and choose a part of the story that bothered me, this is what I would choose. Tessa needed to take a step back and realize that she wasn’t being fair to Luke or to herself.

However, there is a lot of funny banter and plenty of steam between the main characters to lighten the mood. The secondary characters are also a great break from the angst. So, if you’re in the mood for a light, fun, and filling dose of love and cupcakes, Sweet Bliss is an excellent choice!

Excerpt from Sweet Bliss

“So, you’re looking forward to the week, then?” I ask expectantly while the palm of my hand gently rubs the zipper-tight area of his pants. God, he’s so hard. I remind myself to not focus too much on what exactly I’m doing. Except thanks to the way his c*ck twitches ever so slightly every time I rub, I have trouble putting together a coherent thought. My thoughts are like a broken record, stuck on repeat. Giant cock … giant cock … giant cock…

“Very much so,” he replies, the “so” stretching into a hissing sound. His eyes connect with mine, and I see the intensity that’s behind them. It’s like he’s thinking of not only what I’m doing to him right now, but also what he did to me in the movie theater. And, perhaps, what he’d like to do to me again? Yes, please. What? No no no. Focus.

His gaze is intimidating, nonetheless. It’s as if he’s undressing me with his stare. I suddenly feel exposed, flushed. I squeeze my thighs in response as warm tension builds deep in my belly. I’m reminded of the way his fingers made me feel, and I long for them to make me feel that way right now.

Stirred by the thoughts that are heightening my arousal, I up the intensity and massage the firmness in his pants. He grows harder as he pulsates beneath my palm. I’m rewarded with a low growl, one that is audible only to me, given the buzz of the voices around us. God, that sound is so sexy. I need more of it; I want more of it. I want it loud.

I can’t even remember what I asked or where our conversation was, I’m so caught up in our game. I’ve forgotten what the point of Step Three was to begin with. But a sudden laugh from the table brings me back from the land of giant cock. I take a quick look around and am glad to see that everyone is immersed in their chatter and not focused on us. Thank god. That was too close, and I’ve got a plan to stick to.

“To things to look forward to, then!” I pull my hand away and take a sip of wine to hide the fact that my cheeks are blushing from the little preview that just played out so flawlessly. Luke stares at me with a stunned, almost pained expression on his face, like he’s confused and not quite ready for our game to end. Oh, the game has just begun, Mr. Callaghan.

Thank you for the advanced copy of SWEET BLISS by Helena Rac.  All opinions are my own.

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About Helena Rac

Life is sweeter with cupcakes. And romance novels. That’s why Helena Rac writes contemporary romances about sassy, everyday heroines and swoon-worthy heroes – stories that warm your heart, put a smile on your face, and make you fall in love.

When she’s not writing, Helena loves spending time with her two lovely girls and her incredibly supportive husband. She plays accountant by day; enjoys cooking, traveling, and exploring the outdoors; and reads way past her bedtime. Visit Helena at HelenaRac.com.

About the Book


date published: November 30, 2015

publisher : Tryst Books

pages : 234

Sweet Bliss by Helena Rac

Tessa loves cupcakes. They’re tasty and comforting, and they’ve made her bakery a success. Men, on the other hand, are unreliable jerks who are bound to break her heart. Even if they’re hot enough to melt her frosting.

Tessa is smitten with Luke after a less than graceful encounter on the streets of Chicago, and fate keeps reuniting them. She’s certain he’d be delicious in bed, but there’s just one problem: Tessa’s sworn off long-distance romances, and Luke lives in London. Besides, he’s proven himself to be bad news.

Although Tessa’s sexy stranger swears to set aside his player ways after she carries out sweet revenge, she’s far too smart to believe in happily-ever-afters.

Luke will need to use every weapon in his arsenal – including a spatula or two – to convince Tessa they’re meant to be together.

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