Best Romance Novels Summer 2019 – 5 Romance Reads You Don’t Want to Miss!

I don’t know about you, but this has felt like the longest summer ever.  My kids have been out of school since the end of May (they go back to school on Monday, thankfully), we have been traveling a ton (West Virginia, Salt Lake City, Dallas, and Hilton Head to name a few of the places), and when we are home, our days are filled with sports practices, roller-skating, movie-watching, and Fortnite.

In between all of that fun, I did have time to read several books this summer and I have compiled my top five favorites of the season. 

Side note: Speaking of traveling, my kids gave me a new Kindle Paperwhite for Mother’s Day this year and it has changed my reading-while-traveling game!  It’s so small and light it fits into my Book Beau mini, it’s waterproof, so I didn’t worry about taking it by the pool, and it allows me to read late into the night without bothering my husband.  It’s a winner in my book and I highly recommend it for anyone who is debating about which Kindle to get or thinking about finally making the jump to an e-reader.

Ok, now onto the best book recs from the summer!

The Best Romance Novels Summer 2019: all about the 5 romance novels from this summer by Kate Stewart, Helena Hunting, Abby Jimenez, Emma Chase, and Leylah Attar!

The Best Romance Novels Summer 2019

1. The Guy on the Right by Kate Stewart

I was lucky enough to be one of the beta-readers of The Guy on the Right and I’ll be honest, I absolutely fell in love!  It’s a slow-burning friends-to-lovers story that is unique and sweet and laugh-out-loud funny,  I absolutely loved the main characters, Laney and Theo.  This one is full of heart and left me with a huge hangover—which is not an easy feat for a romantic comedy! 

2. The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

The Friend Zone is another book that left me with a big book hangover.  It’s also a slow-burning friends-to-lovers story, so you can see a trend in my reading preferences for this summer.  Kristen and Josh give really good banter and there’s feels for days.  The Friend Zone is one of the best debuts I’ve read and one of my faves of the year.

3. Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar

Leylah Attar has been a must-read author for me since I read The Paper Swan, so I went into Moti on the Water completely blind.  While it still has all of the usual poetic prose and vivid imagery that Leylah Attar is known for, this is a much lighter and funnier version.  I absolutely adored Alex, Moti, and Moti’s family.  This book made me want to hop on the first plane to Greece, find my own little villa on the beach, and eat my weight in the food described in the story.

4. Getting Played by Emma Chase

Emma Chase romance.  Do I really need to say more?  She just does something with her words and characters that makes me want to drop everything and read (or listen) to her stories.  This is the second book in the Getting Some series and I couldn’t wait for the ebook, so I listened to the audiobook.  Zachary Webber narrates the hero and let me tell you, I could listen to him all. day. long.

5. Handle with Care by Helena Hunting

Ok, I know this technically isn’t out yet (it releases on August 27th), but I was lucky enough to read an early copy.  Helena Hunting is another must-read author for me, so I had to include it—that and Handle with Care turned out to be my favorite book in the Shacking Up series.  Wren and Lincoln have some serious chemistry and their banter is fantastic.  Plus, seeing Armstrong finally get his comeuppance made reading the whole series worthwhile (lol).

What were your favorite books of the summer? 

I’d love to hear about the books you read and which ones made it to the top of your list!  Leave me a comment below and we can chat about them.

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