100+ of the Best Slow Burn Romance Books

Are you on the hunt for the best slow burn romance books? Honestly, I don’t blame you. 

After reading hundreds and hundreds of books over the years, I have finally determined that my absolute favorite book trope/style of love story is the slow burn romance.

Give me romances with all of the sexual tension, the longing, the loaded glances, the intense feelings, the emotions that make my stomach flip… it is my catnip and I can’t get enough! Honestly, that’s why I read books and all of my favorite romances have slow burns.

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With a list of over 100 of my favorite slow burn romance novels – which consists of everything from friends-to-lovers to enemies-to-lovers, bad boys to cinnamon roll heroes, contemporary romance to historical romance, rock stars to sports stars, romantic comedies to romantic suspense – I hope they help you find a new favorite and fill your need for a little slow-burning loving.

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What Is Slow Burn Romance? (and why I love it so)

  •  Slow burn romances are character-driven, and I love getting to know the characters through their internal dialogue, seeing their daily life, and their interactions with one another.
  •  Slow burn romances follow the characters as they fall in love gradually, giving us a realistic and genuine romantic experience. It allows us to watch the progression and transformation of their relationship over time.
  •  Since the storyline is slower-paced than insta-love, we have time to become invested in the characters and their relationship. It makes the payoff that much more rewarding!
  •  I find that the ending of a slow burn is much more satisfying since we’ve been following along for every step of the couple’s journey from beginning to end. It’s almost like a personal victory after all of the time and effort it took to get them to the point of a happily ever after!

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My Top 3 Favorite Slow Burn Romance Books

It’s so hard to narrow down my list of personal favorites, but if I had to pick just three slow burns to recommend to readers, it would be these books.  I wholeheartedly suggest you give them a try — especially if you are new to the slow burn trope.

1) The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

I loved The Hating Game SO MUCH.  Sally Thorne may have been a debut author with this book, but she has written a quintessential enemies-to-lovers story that is incredibly smart and sassy.  So well written, so entertaining, and so enjoyable—I couldn’t stop reading it and I didn’t want it to end.  Ever.  

2) The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata has earned her reputation as “The Queen of Slow Burn”.  Her books are long, the characters are fleshed out thoroughly, and the relationships between the hero and heroine are allowed to steep until almost the last chapter.  I can’t recommend The Wall of Winnipeg and Me more!

3) Arrogant Devil by R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey may be known these days as “The Queen of Rom-Coms”, but she is no slouch when it comes to slow-burning romances.  She has several that I adore, but none as much as Arrogant Devil.  The ranch-life storyline, the hardworking heroine, the grumpy hero, and the hilarious side-characters make this one a must-read!

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The Best Slow Burn Romance Books I Have Read and Reviewed

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Slow Burn Romances I Have Read and Highly Recommend

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